Topographical survey that measures the elevation of points on a particular piece of land, and presents them as contour lines on a plot. The purpose of a TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY is to gather survey data using Total Stations, Auto levels, GPS etc., about the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations. From this information a three-dimensional map may be prepared.

You may prepare the topographic map in the office after collecting the field data or prepare it right away in the field by plane table. The work usually consists of the following:

Establishing horizontal and vertical control that will serve as the Framework of the survey

  • Determining enough horizontal location and elevation of ground Points to provide enough data for plotting when the map is prepared.
  • Locating natural and man-made features that may be required by the Purpose of the survey.
  • Computing distances, angles, and Elevations.
  • Drawing the topographic map Topographic surveys is commonly identified with horizontal and or vertical control of third- and Higher-order accuracies.

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Setting out Survey

Our organization carries out set-out surveys for pre- construction and post- construction activities. The locations of the ground are marked according to the drawing. We have a team of expert professionals involved in Setting out Operationusing the latest technology. Our services are rendered to the clients at cost effective prices.

  • Topographical Survey in order to prepare Countor Maps
  • Setting Out of Building using Global Coordinates
  • Layout of Structures such as piles, raft, basement retaining walls, columns, footings, beams, slab & walls.
  • Layout of Aluminium Formwork
  • Layout of points,
  • Checking alignment of structure
  • Maintaining verticality of the buildings Preparing As Built Drawings

Road Survey

Leveraging on our years of experience, we are providing reliable Road Survey.This survey is very helpful at initial stages of infrastructure development for evaluating all particular problem areas of field and land.

Here, the experienced team support available with us allows us to successfully perform qualitative as well as quantitative research so as to ensure quality service standards are maintained by us with help of scientific methods. These topographical surveys are very helpful at initial stages of infrastructure development for evaluating all particular problem areas of field and land.

Contour Survey

Owing to the expertise of our professionals, we are betrothed in offering Contour Survey Service that are used to locate the elevations of a piece of land and the improvements on, above or under the land. Sometimes this information has to be related to the property boundaries of the parcel of land. Morteover, our proficient professionals offer these services by using advanced technology in line with industry norms. Furthermore, we render these services to our clients as per their demands in different specifications. Customers can avail these services from us at industry leading prices.

Route Survey

The term Route survey refers to surveys necessary for the location and construction of lines of transportation or communication that continue across country for some distance, such as highways, railroads, open-conduit systems, pipelines, and power/telecom lines. Generally, the preliminary survey for this work takes the form of a topographical survey. > Locating the centre line, usually marked by stakes at required intervals called Stations.

GPS & DGPS Control Survey

All types of mapping require establishment of an accurate control framework on the ground. We establish ground control employing differential GPS and/or total stations. Such control surveys are conducted by us for the following requirements.

Allowing the user to pin point their position anywhere on Earth.

A Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) is a system designed to improve the accuracy of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) by measuring infinitesimal changes in variables to provide satellite positioning corrections. Two or more receivers observe the same set of satellites, taking similar measurements that produce similar errors when positioned closely together. For Control Points, These are carried out to establish network of points called Control Points or Control Stations. These points can be used for the subsequent measurements that are to be recorded at the site. Establishing the control points calls for most precision, as this will have direct bearing on the accuracy of the final survey to be carried out at the project site. For Land Surveying, It enables larger surveys to be performed by a one-man crew with minimal moves and less operational downtime. For land and topographic survey easy-to-use mapping features include point, line and area mapping, real-time area calculation, offset measurement also well accurately.

The resultant processing generates the following data: Position: latitude, longitude, altitude with respect to a user selectable datum.

Engineering Survey

Setting-out / relaying on the ground for all types of construction work and as - built surveys.

On-the-ground alignment, cross section & L-section generation and demarcation of physical infrastructure and utility corridors.

Transmission Line Survey

The work of the Program for Coordination of Actions to Establish sites, with an Initial objective of determining the route of the transmission line and beginning the topographical survey.

In order to minimize the project's impact on rural and urban populations that own Property in areas to be crossed by the transmission line, the Program for Coordination of Actions to Establish responsible for developing criteria and basic procedures for agreements and/or compensation in order to guarantee easements to build the line after proper application of measures to guarantee fair compensation and protect the current living conditions of the affected population.

Dam & Lake Survey

Ours is a coveted organization that is engaged in offering Land Survey services. The services offered by us are of utmost value in applications relating to determination of terrestrial or three dimensional positions of points, distances and angles between them. Various scientific methods such as geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics, physics and law are used by the professionals to execute these services.

Moreover, our services are acknowledged for their reliability, timeliness, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Leveling Survey

With thorough understanding of this business industry, we are engrossed in providing Leveling Survey Service to our clients. Due to our personnel’s knowledge, we are able to meet the detailed needs of the clients within the given period of time. We have adroit employees, who offer these services in agreement with the defined guidelines.

Layout Survey

we are offering qualitative (Layout Survey)Engineering Surveying. We have years of experience in the construction industry and provide topographic and engineering survey to clients throughout the country. This service is rendered in an excellent manner within the given time-frame.

This service is provided as per the variegated requirements of our respectable clients. Moreover, we provide this service to our respectable clients at budget-friendly prices.